Saturday, May 28, 2016

Writing Wizards Goal Chart and Classroom Display

Summer break is officially here!  I'm excited to begin working on my long list of TpT To-Do's.  :)  I've just posted my newest resource:

I created this pack to further encourage my students to use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure when writing. The theme is "Writing Wizards Wear Caps" and it uses the following common acronym:

All sentences make sense
Spelling and spacing

It includes a writing goal chart where magnets or clothespins could be used to track students' current goals. I've included a set of magnet templates to use if you'd like to make a set that matches the chart.  Here is a previous post on how I made my magnets.  Once students master CAPS, they earn "Wizard Status" and may move their magnets to the "Writing Wizards" portion of the chart and can earn a wizard card (cards included in set).

 Here's what it looks like hung in my classroom!

I bought the wizard hat off of Amazon and will let my students wear it when they are showing exceptional "writing wizard" skills!  I used magnets I already made for a previous chart.  Here are the matching magnet circles:

I also created a classroom (bulletin board) display.  Here it is:

I am hoping this theme will help my students be more conscious of their writing habits!  You can purchase this set in my TpT Store or can click on any of the images above to view it. 

Happy summer to all those on break and best of luck to those who are still finishing up the school year!  :)

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