Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sight Word Mega Pack - Hello, TpT!

I've finished creating my Sight Word Assessment/Incentive Pack!  It's the first time I've uploaded anything to my TpT store, so I'm super excited!  The packet includes activities for the first 220 Dolch sight words:

Superhero Sight Word List (100 Words) -  Includes incentives, students forms, and a teacher screening forms.  Each student receives a Superhero Sight Word I.D. card once they can fluently read the first list.  Once the whole class passes, we will celebrate with a Superhero Day!
Sweet Sight Word List (120 Words) - Includes incentives, student forms, and a teacher screening form.  Each student will receive a Sweet Reader bookmark once they can fluently read the second list.  Once the whole class passes, I will treat them to ice cream sundaes!

Visit my TpT shop to download this packet for your classroom!

On another note...We've been talking about the Scientific Process, so I created a versatile Lab Report printable to use when conducting experiments in class.  I kept it simple in order to better suit the needs of lower elementary students.   I wanted to make science a bit more exciting this year by incorporating more investigations, so I thought this would be a good way to make it purposeful!  Click to download on TpT!


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