Friday, September 14, 2012

Dino Data

There have been a lot of great ideas floating around out there for tracking student progress.  I loved the idea of having my students keep a Data Folder to record their weekly scores.  To try and make the whole process less "blah" for my kids, I made my folders dinosaur-themed!  A little clip art and word play sure goes a long way with youngsters!  :)  My kids have actually loved using their folders so far this year!  I created goal sheets to include in the folder, where the students and I both write in achievement goals for the quarter (i.e. earn an 85% or higher on reading tests, add more details to sentences when writing, earn five 100%'s in a row on spelling tests, etc.).  Keeping my students involved and aware of their grades/goals has proven to be very helpful and motivating for them!  If you are interested in my Dino Data packet, click on any of the images below to download it on TpT!