Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading Log

Oooooh, reading logs......  I've changed mine A TON of times over the past few years, but have found the one I'm using now works out the best for me!  I used to be terrible at checking them consistently, my students would fill up their logs a different times, and many just simply didn't participate!  With this year's log, my students record their required, nightly reading at the top (I write in the dates before I copy it.....this seems to really help the parents/kids for some reason!) and any EXTRA reading at the bottom.  This helps me easily see who is doing the minimum or going above and beyond!  I collect the logs every two weeks to check for completion and to see what books the kids have been reading at home!  If the logs are complete, the students earn a Reading Star ticket! (See earlier post for info and download.)  With the exception of a few students, the reading logs come back complete every time!  You can click on the photo to download a copy! If you'd like me to send you the Word version in order to edit the directions at the top to better fit your class requirements, leave me a comment with your email and I can send it to you!


  1. Thanks for visiting my page! I love your rdg ideas!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love this reading log! Will you please email it to me at

  3. Love this reading log! Will you please email the word version to thank you so much! i love all of your stuff!

  4. I would love to include this into our curriculum. Would you please email the Word version to me @ Thanks! This will be awesome.

  5. I would really love to have a word version of this to include into our curriculum. I just LOVE your blog. I think it is really nice to find a teacher who thinks along the same lines as you. My email is Many thanks. :)

  6. Can you please send me a word version of this reading log...I think it is great and I've seen and created many many different logs. Hopefully this works and keeps my little firsties reading!

  7. I realize you posted this a couple years ago but I was wondering if you still had the WORD version available?? Pretty please! =) Thank you thank you!!!!


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