Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reading Incentives

Every two weeks, I collect my students' reading logs.  If they've completed the required reading for those two weeks, they earn a Reading Star ticket.  I occasionally draw tickets from the Star Jar when the class is doing an especially nice job listening, following directions, etc.  Winners may choose from either a piece of candy, sticker, or coloring page.  I also may hand out tickets to students who are doing a great job during group, buddy reading, or literacy centers!  This works well as a motivator for both reading and classroom behavior!  Click on the picture to download a copy of the tickets!

Other reading incentives I use are "Book Bucks".  Each student in my classroom has an AR chart where they can earn a sticker for every Accelerated Reader quiz they receive a score of 80% or higher on.  Each time they fill up a row on their chart (5 quizzes), they earn a Book Buck, which can be redeemed for small prizes in the Book Buck Store!  Click the picture to grab a copy!

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