Friday, June 10, 2016

*Free* Book Shopper Passes

I made these Book Shopper passes to help manage behavior in my classroom library.  As a part of my students' morning work, they "shop" for books to keep in their book box to read during Daily 5.  (They are not allowed to look for books DURING centers.)  They must have five good fit books in their box and may switch books out once they've written a Reader's Response Journal on them.  Inevitably, it ends up pretty crowded in the library.  Last year, I tried making  a schedule so that each student had a particular day of the week they could "shop" on, but it didn't work out very well.  SO, instead, I'm going to set 4-5 of these passes out in a bin in my library so there won't be more than five students in the library at a time.    Students must have a pass to shop and will replace it when they're finished.  Students must move on to the next step of their morning work if all of the passes are taken and may book shop once a pass has been returned.   

If you could use these, it's a free download.  Help yourself!  :)

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  1. Thank you so much! Loved these on your IG page and came to your blog to find your TPT ! I'm following your shop now! :)

  2. These are adorable! I was looking through your blog to link it to my linky tomorrow. I am talking about your adorable book checkout station I made a few years ago...well, I made a boo boo in printing out some new calendar numbers and couldn't let them go to waste so am using them for a checkout station:) Because my OCD makes me match #allthethings:/ lol. Also, I would LOVE it if you linked these cute book shopper passes up to Monday Made It tomorrow morning:) Have a blessed night!!!

  3. Hey there! Would you mind sharing a little how you use these? Thank you:)

  4. Thank you!!! That helps a lot! We usually shop for books on Mondays, book frenzy per The Book Whisperer, and usually they last all week BUT I may use these to either give them a free shop during the week or, to help manage the book frenzy so it's not so cluttered! Thanks!!!

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