Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Check-Out Station (Free Pocket Chart Cards)

Are your books disappearing?  There's nothing I love more than seeing kids get excited about books and want to take them home to borrow!  But, I can't help but notice that not keeping track of the books I send home with my students is starting to take a toll on my class library selection.  :)  I'm going to try the check-out system that Christina Bainbridge mentioned she uses in her classroom and see if that helps keep better track of which books are and aren't making it back into the classroom.  Students will record the title of the book they are borrowing on a slip of paper and place it behind their classroom numbers on a pocket chart.  My pocket chart cards are below (designed to best fit the small, $1 charts at Target).  Click any image to download {free}! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources! I love the colors you have and I am looking forward to trying this out in my classroom this year.

  2. A few years ago I heard about a free online checkout system called Classroom Organizer - Booksource. It is absolutely amazing! You should take a look at it if you have a large classroom library like I do. It has completely stopped book loss.

  3. This is a great idea! My library only seems to stay organized for about a week at the beginning of school! Thanks!


  4. Where did you get your cute colored pocket chart? I love that blue and it would match my classroom perfectly!

    Crofts' Classroom

  5. Oooo, love this! Absolutely adorable and useful, too. Thank you for sharing for free! :)

  6. This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I cannot wait to put this together!

    Teaching With Hope

  7. Jessica, I love this and the color. Where did you find a pocket chart that color?

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