Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DIY Blog Design Tutorial Links

Want to try your hand at designing your own blog?  I have played around with blog designs quite a bit over the last few years and each time I learn more tricks for making the layout look less "generic".  I would say at least 50% of my time designing is spent on searching the internet for good tutorials.  I would have LOVED for someone to tell me where to look or give me a list of sites they used when designing.  I'm hoping to save you some time by sharing all of the tutorials I've found and used!  :) 

 Before You Start:

1.  Sign up for a Photobucket or Image Shack account to upload your images.  Image Shack is now charging a small monthly fee, but I use this program because my images appear much clearer.

2.  Look at other blogs to find some ideas and inspiration for your new layout!  :)

3.  Buy coordinating clip art sets and digital papers to use with your design.  {Be sure to check the Terms of Use.  Some sellers don't allow their products to be used with web design or commercially.}  Etsy is a great place to start your clip art search!

4.  Before you change a thing on your blog, be sure to BACK IT UP!  

5.  Understand that it takes time, patience, and a ton of tinkering around to learn the process and to  get your blog the way you want it.  Good luck!!  :)

Design Tutorials:  

Advanced Blog Background and Clickable Header Tutorial {This is the one I used for my current design.} With this tutorial, you will need to create what's called an "image map", which allows you to incorporate clickable links within your header.  The tutorial suggests using the online program, Image-Map, but there is now an outrageous fee of $6.99 a month to use it.  I found a FREE program called Image Mapper that is easy to use!

Blog Button

Blog Post Dividers 2 {How to create your own}

Adding Cute Headings to Blog's Sidebar (i.e. "Blogs I Follow", "Meet the Teacher", etc.)

Detailing Tips:

If you get completely stumped, feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.  :)  Just remember, this is still very new to me and I have a lot to learn!  I will continue adding to this list as I find more helpful links!

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  1. I'm not sure I'm ready to enter the world of blogging, but I was just wondering how I would even get started. Thanks for being a "go to" guide! : )

  2. You are amazing! I've been looking for helpful tutorials about my tabs :) Thank you!

  3. Thanks! I am glad I found you again!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  4. Can't wait to check these links out. Do you know of any tutorials on how to put the "scroll back to top," button that follows you down, or how about how some blogs have "flying," images going down their page? Thanks for all the info!

  5. Thank you so much for posting all of these! I have been soaking them in for DAYS!! I think I have my template just about worked out, now onto the details!!

    I have one question...

    I followed the directions step-by-step for my header, footer, and sidebar. Now, I'm having trouble with how the post background extends all the way to the top and to the bottom. Any suggestions for how to make it only extend to the header and footer and not behind them?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you have!

    Also, I LOVE your blog. Definitely following!! :)

    All my best,

    Shoe Laces & Sweet Faces