Friday, January 24, 2014

Several Odds & Ends Freebie Downloads

We are on our second snow day in a row! (Actually, school has been cancelled because of the cold temperatures with the wind chill...and next week isn't looking much better.)  With our time off, I'm trying to get a few odds and ends things done.  I've, of course, seen the adorable snowman craft idea from the We Heart Art blog (original idea from Artsonia) and wanted to make it with my students.

They were supposed to finish up their Day In the Life of a Snowman writing this week and make the snowman to go with it, but the snow days are pushing it off until at least next week!  I couldn't find a pattern already made, so if mine could save you some time, you can download it below. 

At our school, we are also trying out the Reading A-Z Assessment with our students.  I'm hoping it will be an accurate indicator of our students' reading levels!  If you could use the binder cover I made, click the image below to download.  :)

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