Monday, December 17, 2012

Nonfiction Organizer Freebie, Christmas FREEBIES & Persuasive Writing!

As usual, I am WAY behind on posting products and keeping up with the "blogging world" there are going to be many things included in this's what I have for you:

Christmas Freebies
The first freebie is a Christmas-themed story map for your kids to use with the holiday books they read!  Click to download!

The next freebie is for teaching quotation marks.  The first page can be used in whole group, where students will use macaroni noodles for inserting the commas and quotation marks.  The second page can be used as a short assessment.  I got the fabulous idea of using elbow macaroni from Ciera Harris's Cwunch Qwotations activity. (Click to download for free!)


Christmas-Themed Persuasive Writing
My latest TpT product includes two persuasive writing pieces you can do with your students around Christmastime!  One is A Tree For Santa where the students will decorate a tree (printable included) and convince Santa to choose their tree for Christmas.  In the other activity, An Excellent Elf, the students have to come up with three convincing reasons why they would make a good elf.  (I adapted this to my second grade students and used it in correlation with the cute "Elf Applications" I've seen on TpT.)  Click on any image below to download it at my TpT store!

Nonfiction Graphic Organizer FREEBIE
Also, I created this organizer for my students to complete as they read nonfiction books.  You can click on it and download if for free at my TpT store!


  1. What program do you use to make your worksheets? They are adorable!!! Do you still have any of your 4th grade things?

    1. Hi, Kyle -

      Thanks for the compliment! I have a Mac computer and use the "Pages" program. I absolutely love's very user-friendly! Sorry to say, I made very little of my own things when I taught fourth grade, so don't have much saved. :(

  2. Thanks much for the graphic organizer! I can see us putting this to very good use!


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