Friday, June 22, 2012

Boggle & Daily Shedule Cards

Two of my goals this summer were to create Daily Schedule Cards and a Boggle Board (Thank you, Pinterest!) for next year.  I've seen MANY cute ideas and printables for both.  Although, to save on color ink, I created some that were just in black and white.  I printed them on bright paper to add some color.  :) So, if you're a cheapskate like me, the printables are below!  ;)

Boggle Board Letters


Daily Schedule Cards

Click HERE for the free printable!
To purchase a customized version of these cards on TpT, click HERE!


  1. Love the schedule cards and boggle letters!! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Very cute! What font did you use?

  3. Great! Do you have editable version?

  4. These are great~!! Thanks so much.

  5. I know you posted these a while ago, but I love them and just decided that I wanted to use schedule cards instead of writing on the board with the messy Expo marker. I love how easily the students will be able to read them. Thank you!!!!

    I also love your new picture! Maybe it isn't too new, but I usually read my blogs via Google Reader and don't always see the sidebar stuff. In any event, so cute!!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. I just came across these today via pinterest, thank you for sharing.
    Back in Fourth

  7. Can you please tell me which font you used?

  8. I love the daily schedule. I really want to use this in my classroom. Is there anyway I can edit it so that I can make it say different activities

  9. Found you through Pinterest and wanted to thank you for this great freebie! I'm a fan of black and white. Let's hear it for saving ink and being easy to read. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  10. Love these schedule cards! I have some other things I'd like to add (and we call gym P.E. at my school). I know on a previous comment you mentioned you don't have these as editable, but maybe you'd consider making an editable set and selling them on TpT??


  11. What are the rules for Boggle? Do the kids make words from only vertical, horizontal and diagonal letters? Also, do you post a new set of letters each week? I'm really looking forward to doing Boggle next year with my third graders!


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